Graduate school work

This work was produced during my time as a graduate student pursuing an MA in investigative journalism at the Cronkite School at Arizona State University. 

Suicide hotline offers young people hope and a chance to talk with peers

PHOENIX – The small office building, nestled just off the road near a medical office and appliance store, looks more like a house where a quiet family might live. The only signs of activity are the cars in the small parking lot out front. Most passersby likely have no idea what goes on behind the dark purple door; an intercom doorbell ensures that only those who belong are allowed in. There are no signs outside, only inside, such as “You Matter” and “Happy Thoughts.”

COVID-19 is ‘a crisis within a crisis’ for homeless people

A homeless man sits by his belongings at the Lots, a county-run outdoor encampment in downtown Phoenix, on June 24, 2020. Homeless people are among the most vulnerable populations in the COVID-19 pandemic, yet they're largely invisible victims. Very little is known about how they're faring. The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, which oversees homeless programs, has not required its national network of providers to gather infection or death data, even though homeless people, unlik

Closed racetracks are leaving many thoroughbreds with nowhere to go

Thousands of racehorses have been idled since the coronavirus pandemic overtook the country in mid-March. When thoroughbreds cannot compete, there is no prize money to pay owners, trainers, jockeys, and stable hands, or to pay for room and board. That includes Churchill Downs, where the Kentucky Derby will not be held Saturday. But there are other victims — the four-legged ones — and there may be no return to work for many of them.

Coronavirus stay-at-home orders mean increase in domestic violence calls, advocates say

For victims of domestic abuse, coronavirus stay-at-home order may make life riskier, not safer For some, home has become an inviting cocoon: safety from the coronavirus, more time with family. But for others, who live in close quarters with an abuser, home may be more dangerous than the disease that confinement with family members is supposed to keep at bay. Both Phoenix Police and domestic abuse hotlines have noted a sharp uptick in domestic violence complaints in recent weeks.

Metro Phoenix hiking trails packed despite COVID-19 social distancing

When Gov. Doug Ducey warned people to avoid large gatherings and close contact with others, the state and Phoenix park systems came up with a healthy alternative: Get outdoors, they announced. Come hike our trails. It has worked. So well that, at peak times in some parks this weekend, avoiding large gatherings and close contact on narrow trails was as challenging as, for instance, finding a parking space — even in a dry stream bed near the Superstition Mountains. While hiking trails would be a

Is Arizona's model for veteran suicide prevention the answer?

Navy veteran Tim Peña sat on the laminate wood flooring in his studio apartment for three days. There was no TV or radio, just his thoughts. He thought about how to slit his wrists or throat without getting blood all over the floor. He thought about how to clean up the blood if he survived, or how his family would have to walk through it to collect his things if he succeeded. He thought about the veteran in his cellblock who had committed suicide a few days earlier by slipping the blade out o